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It is important to remember that not all lenses are the same and that is why we offer quality lenses sourced from all around the world at affordable prices. Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Essilor are just some of the lenses we use, and the one you decide upon is dependent on your prescription and life style choices.

For people with a high prescription, we can help you choose the right lens to reduce weight and thickness of your glasses, enhancing comfort and appearance.

Transition lenses (glasses which change colour with light intensity), Anti Glare coated lens (which help with night driving) and Polarised lenses (eliminating sunlight glare) are all available and can significantly improve your visual performance and improve your overall well being.

If you need a TINT on your glasses, we recommend an EYE BRIGHT TEST. This simple check will ensure you have the best tint on your lenses. Having an unsuitable colour can lead to tiredness and headaches, whilst choosing the most optimum tint can improve reading, reduce head-aches, eye strain and general tiredness.

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